For business or healthcare institutions, I offer onsite services. This feature allows your employees to be seen by me during their workday at your office/business location. The goal is to minimize time away from work, and offer your employees a convenient, low cost health benefit!

  • Physician initial and annual health physicals
    • For compliance with Title 22 § 72535 of the California code of regulations
  • Examples of Employee health Services:
    • Blood pressure and obesity screening
    • Physicals with blood draws
    • Diabetes screening
    • Sick visits
    • Corporate health education seminars on various topics: ergonomics, diet, exercise, obesity, etc
    • Also offering MEdical education /training
      • Violence in healthcare – prevention, management, deescalation
      • Screen time management for parents
      • Customer service for physicians
      • Responding to inappropriate patient requests

For more about onsite Employee Health or Physician physicals, please contact me: 510 624 9137 or .  I can custom tailor to meet your employees’ health needs and budget.