Grand Opening Special!

For New Patients:

$50 for first visit! Must book online – Otherwise first visit  $75**.

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Premium quality care and medical service, at an exceptional value. No membership fee required. Experience the difference as I will spend quality time getting to know you and evaluate your problem. Accepting HSA cards, Cash, or Credit. (Dr. Hall does not accept insurance.) Easy access to Dr. Hall – just call if you have questions.








Meet Dr. Hall : Get to know Dr. Hall’s treatment philosophies as she gets to understand your values and perspectives on health. 15 min visit. Free.

Office (Sick) visit  . . . . . $100

Annual Physical ( unisex adult, sports physicals) . . . . .$125. For your convenience, If you come fasting, I can draw your blood for you in the office  – saving you time and an extra trip to the lab!

Women Physical (pap smear, breast exam, referral to mammogram, incontinence) . . . $125. Robe provided during exam to help keep warm. Special gentle technique using smallest size equipment. If no insurance, pap smear is interpreted by an independent laboratory (They charge $30-$75 for getting the result depending on the type of pap smear you get). Mammograms have additional cost.

Home visit (Limited availability and service area) . . . . $100 (sick visit,  home evaluation of diet, lifestyle, home safety)

Medical Procedure visit $150: see Dr. Hall and get a medical procedure such as abscess treatment, injections for pain, mole removal, skin tag removal, stitching a wound.

Expert Second opinion $250. Dr. Hall is a UCSF Asst. Clinical Professor. Please bring all medical records. You will get up to approximately 2 hours of time and indepth explanation and medical opinion. You will receive uptodate information and summary of my recommendations. I want you to leave fully understanding your condition.

Extended visit $250 : Get up to approximately 1.5 hours of time, take care of most if not all your problems in one visit. Especially recommended if you have 3 or more problems that you have never seen a doctor for.


Senior( > = 65 ) and veterans discount: $75 office visits and physicals. (Discount given at check out)

Diabetes / high blood pressure discount: $75 each office visit. (Discount given at check out)

Returning patient discount: $85 for follow up office visit when booked during appointment. Follow up visit must be  within 31 days.


Missed appointment fee . . . $25  . Please reschedule or cancel 24 hours before your appointment.

Example Sick Visits: Acne, Skin Tags, Prescription strength wrinkle cream, diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, back pain, joint pain, urinary problems, menstrual problems, rashes, obesity, screen time usage, healthy lifestyle counseling.

**Feel free to call if questions, then book online. Labs extra fee. There is a new patient procedure visit for $90, please select this option if desired when scheduling online. New Patient discount does not apply to extended visits or second opinions. For same day new patient appointments:  please call 510 624 9137 as online system must be used 8 hours ahead of appointment time. I always save a spot for same day appointments.